A note to Jupiter on his first 24hrs with me


October 19th, 2013

I just got Jupiter yesterday and I can only say one thing, this little leopard gecko is amazing.

I don’t know many people who have a reptiles and even less who have geckos so I did all my research on internet and after some days of reading and reading about them I knew I was ready for him.

I know they don’t need the lamp, I mean the UV lamp that most reptiles need. It turns out that leos are nocturnal and light actually stresses them but they do need a heating pad and at the same time places to stay cool. They are originally from the Pakistani desserts and in there, even though it is very hot they do not stay out in hot places too long, they look for shelter under humid rocks and dark places. Leopard geckos are very easily adapted to new places and they aren’t a particular picky specie of reptiles, which makes it very easy to take care of little Jupiter.

Probably for lack of experience, I had a little hard time setting the right environment for him and the little one had to wait for me  in a very small cage, which broke my heart a little bit but it as just a couple of hours. When I finally finished preparing everything I notice he was a little smelly, probably from the store and I know that leos should take a bath every 3 months, which he probably never had. With just a little of warm water i had one of the most rewarding experiences with animals I ever had. Leos love warm water because it warms up their belly and with the softest and most caring hand I cleaned his body and finished with his head. Jupiter even closed his eyes, in a way that I knew he was enjoying it and he even move up his head as if saying “i like it, pet me more”. After that he just went inside and hid in of the shelters i prepared of him and sleep very fast, which makes me happy because i know he feels safe.

During the night I saw him coming out, walking and playing around his cage. CAGE!!! what a nasty word I prefer to call it environment, or his home.  Anyway, I think he likes his new home. They only eat once a day and since it is still a baby, he needs to eat everyday, when he get older he will only eat every other day. You might be wondering what does he eats? well… he doesn’t eat candies. He is a reptile, he eats insects. In the wild he would probably eat spiders, but nobody feeds leos spiders, the domesticated one eat crickets and worms and they have to be alive. I have no problem with that, none of those things make me nervous. Actually I just feed him for the first time with nobody else’s help. I have watch enough videos to know i was ready to do it, and i even gave him his vitamins. He is going to grow a strong, muscular, beautiful gecko.

I promise you, little Jupiter, that I will take care of you the best way I can and that you will be very happy.


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