Best companions

I love both Jupiter and Nova, despite some people saying that I have preference for Jupiter. But that is not true, Jupiter is more curious and very jealous, Nova is more calm and sweet.

If Jupiter sees me petting Nova before him, he stands up, fixes his sight at us and gives me a demanding look. He does not calms down until I take him out. Once he is out, he is a great companion, for example, as I am writing this post he just sitting on my shoulder and making sure I say only good things about him.


When I take Nova out, she prefers to curl up in my hand or on my chest if I am laying down. Once she is comfortable she does not run off like Jupiter, she will just stay next to me. Some times we have fallen asleep together, and when I wake up a few minutes after I worry she is not there anymore, but she always is. She is very soft and calm, best companion for watching movies. But she does not likes taking pictures, she does not stay still.



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