Basics about feeding them:

  1. Jupiter and Nova basically only eat Crickets. I have tried with worms and roaches, but it always ends in failure. I do not suggest you try with anything different, because crickets are the less “yucky” plus they could vomit and it will end up cleaning the extra mess. So don’t!
  2. Please ONLY feed them clean crickets from the store. Wild crickets and other insects might have parasites or bacteria that could make them sick.
  3. There are many sizes of crickets, but the cricket should not be larger than the gecko’s head. They could choke.
  4. Depending on the weather they might eat once every 2-3 days if it is hot, or 1-2 a week if it is cold.
  5. Once a week, powder the cricket with calcium.
  6. Jupiter eats more than Nova, but Nova is a hunter, so don’t put them together when feeding them.
  7. Winged crickets make a lot of noise, get rid of them first. They are usually larger so try first with Jupiter, but winged crickets are crunchy, and sometimes (please don’t laugh, this is real) Jupiter just doesn’t feel like crunchy food so try second with Nova, but she could also refuse them. This does not mean they are not hungry, it is just they do not want winged ones.
  8. If they don’t finish all the crickets, you should remove them. If you leave them inside they could:
    1. Bite the Geckos; since you are giving them small ones that should not be a big problem.
    2. Feed on the gecko’s poo; if they do that and then the Geckos find it and eat they would be feeding on their own feces. Nobody wants that.
    3. Grow, grow, grow until they grow wings; if they do you will end up with a out-of-tune symphony at the middle of the night, and you will be forced to pause your beautiful dreams and well-deserved rest to find the singer.
    4. Jump out of the cage when you are not watching and then C could happen but this time all around your house and remember crickets eat almost anything, wood, paper and even cloth.
  9. You could think this is not too important but it is. Jupiter is a prince and he wants all the attention for himself, so feed him first, otherwise he will jealously watch you from the distance and then poor little Nova might get bullied.

Feeding Jupiter

Geckos are not known for being great hunters, and Jupiter is simple not a very good one. Perhaps it is half my fault, but it is in a great deal his fault for being so cute. Generally speaking Jupiter eats about 8-12 1.5 cm long crickets every 3 days.

Basically you have to grab the cricket with the tweezers and place it right in front of Jupiter, he will stare at it for a few seconds and then very slowly grab it. I think he knows he is a prince, so he likes to eat like be fed to the mouth. If everything is fine you should not have problems. But:

  1. If you think the crickets smell bad, Jupiter thinks the same and he will not eat, you need to clean the crickets cage and try the next day.
  2. If the cricket gets away, point where it is with the tweezers. Jupiter knows that at the end of the tweezers there is food, so he will find it. He takes a long time when he has to hunt by himself and the cricket might get away, so repeat the same process several times, or you could just grab the cricket again.
  3. If Jupiter only eats half of the cricket. ahhhhhh! I know! This is a terrible thing to see, because the crickets does not dies instantly and Jupiter will not even try to eat the rest. The best thing to do is just remove the poor crickets and end its suffering. Don’t worry, it seldom happens, in two years it has only happened 3 times to me.

You should:

  1. Grab the cricket from its neck, and give it to Jupiter from behind. This way the cricket doesn’t fight, because it does not see Jupiter coming and it will be easier for Jupiter to grab.
  2. You can also grab the cricket from the back legs, and hold it down. This wakens Jupiter hunting instincts and because you are holding it, Jupiter will not miss it and this pseudo achievement encourages him to hunt. Be careful with this, because sometimes crickets remove their own back legs to be able to escape.

Feeding Nova

As I mentioned before, Nova is a great hunter. Once she spots a crickets she likes she rarely misses and if she does, she will for sure get it at the second chance. Watching her eat is an spectacle. However she only eats about 2 times a week and barely 3-4  1.0 cm long crickets each time. But if she wants to eat more, just feed her until she is full, which usually happens once every two weeks, and then she will eat about 10  1.0 cm long crickets. Nova likes it better when the cricket is just walkin around freely, if you hold it down she might not be aroused to eat it. If Jupiter already rejected the smelly geckos, do not try to feed them to Nova, she will reject them as well. You do not really need to hold the cricket for her, when she is hungry she will just throw herself to the cricket, because of this:

  1. If you are still holding the cricket, sometimes she does not even give you time to put it down, she might also bite the tweezers, this happens quite a lot, but do not get nervous, just pull back the tweezers very slowly and very lightly and she will eventually let go.
  2. If she is over sand she might end up eating this as well, this could lead to impaction, so try your best not to feed her over sand or soil or anywhere else with small particles. I know this is difficult sometimes, she just loves the sand. Sometimes I try to avoid putting the cricket down, but this is also very hard. Just do your best.
  3. When the crickets are powdered she does not see them very well, so you have to point out where are they.


They usually share the same bowl of water and it is always in the same place, so that they do not get disoriented. Here are the basics, I mean, everything there is about water:

  1. Provide them with clean water once a day, but if it is not possible every other day is also ok.
  2. When you change the water the bowl should be cleaned, preferably with soap and a sponge. Don’t just throw the water away and pour clean one.
  3. When cleaning the bowl, you should feel some slime at the bottom, this is good, because it means they have been drinking water. If you don’t feel the slime, please record it in the notebook.
  4. Please use purified water.

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